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Only Black Woman Vet In Detroit Offering Mobile Pet Services, Finds Success With Business

(CBS DETROIT)- You've heard of medical doctors making house calls, well Dr. McKeithen does just that, except not for humans.

A couple a years ago while in the process of opening her Veterinarian Clinic Dr. McKeithen was forced to pivot from a brick in mortar due to the pandemic.

"I realized how helpful this could be because I saw so many pets going without veterinary care, so many elderly and immunocompromised people or just people that didn't want to come out because of COVID," said Dr. Marcy McKeithen, Owner of Motor City Vet Care.

Dr. McKeithen decided to go to them, and since early 2021, she's been making house calls, providing cats and dogs with the care they need, like 4 year old Boston terrier/French Bulldog mix Scout, who recieved a check up at his Detroit home Tuesday. .

He did a great job like most animals do she says, being in a comfortable, familiar setting.

She's glad to be able to provide these services, and not only is she the only woman doing so in Detroit, she's the only one of color.

"I am a lot of times the only Black Vet that people see and I'm the only black woman Vet that a lot of people have seen," Dr. McKeithen said.

She says the fact that she was able to pivot her business during the pandemic and make it successful as well being the only black woman in Detroit that offers these services, she's hoping to inspire the next generation of young women wanting to be Veterinarians.

"It's ok to be the only one, it's ok to blaze your own trail."

Dr. McKeithen plans to bring along young aspiring Vets as she continues making house calls, and expose them to the animal care industry.

Motor City Vet is taking new clients, click below for more information.
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