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One-of-a-kind Steam Engine Barbecue Smoker Literally Has All The Bells And Whistles

I bet you're wishing this is how you spent your free time. A fantastically talented and humorous retired union iron worker from Illinois poured a lot of love into creating this masterpiece.

In a YouTube video, an eccentric gentleman shows the camera around his work of art that is simultaneously a culinary tool and a backyard engineering masterpiece. If you're in to trains, food or food trains -- this is the post for you.

The inspired barbecue smoker named Number 97 after a Hank Snow country song, 'The Wreck of the Old 97'. It's customized to resemble a steam train decked out with railroading accessories including a loud steam whistle, eight wheels, a bell and multiple steam releases. It appears about half scale to the untrained eye, but it's still big enough to get inside the cabin and operate the dials, strings and levers.

This guy has a real sense of humor. The video posted to Reddit by his daughter is described as, "My dad spent three years building this Train BBQ Smoker and is hoping his video goes 'venereal.'" Is venereal better or worse than viral?

What a tragic song to name such a triumphant creation after.

A note of warning. He is packing heat, so don't attempt to steal his train or his barbecued chicken.

The man closes out the video saying, "That's it! Thank you."

No, thank you sir. Thank you.

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