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Once A Dream, Now RoboCop Prototype Will Be Cast In Bronze

DETROIT (WWJ) - The project started two years ago after a Twitter user asked Mayor Dave Bing to build a statue of the science fiction hero as an "ambassador to Detroit."

Shortly afterward, artist Brandon Walley launched a campaign to fund the project ... and raised more than $60,000. Now, a 10-foot-tall RoboCop prototype sculpted by Fred Barto is waiting to be cast in bronze.


The statue is expected to be officially put in place next year.

In 2011, actor Peter Weller weighed in on efforts to build the statue of RoboCop, the cyborg who roamed Detroit fighting crime in a 1987 movie.

Weller's comments offer his support to the cause in an online video. In a comic tone, Weller, who played RoboCop in the film, pokes fun at those who don't like the idea.

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