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Olivia Munn Has No Idea How To Sit Down With Huge Slit In Skirt [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

To me a wardrobe malfunction on a hot celebrity is absolute GOLD.

Now this malfunction isn't as good as when Britney Spears was in her heyday and kept "forgetting"  to wear underwear while getting out of low-slung limos in clear view of the paparazzi.

In this case, Olivia Munn made an appearance on David Letterman, and let's just say she didn't disappoint.

Munn wore a black dress with a slit down the leg that must have been damn near 2 feet long. She looked amazing.

Only one slight problem, she had no idea how to sit down. You could see her trying to adjust as she was sitting down and almost gave a shot of the goods. Where is her publicist? Her wardrobe consultant? Luckily, they both appeared to have the day off.

Needless to say you might end up watching this video more than once.
Munn did acknowledge on Twitter that she won't wear a skirt like this again.

I would have to say most males would highly disagree.

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