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Obama, Heads Up to Community College

Unless you have been hiding under an unfinished bridge on I-94, then you know the President visited Macomb Community College this week. President Obama and Dr. Jill Biden came to talk about a new free education initiative that proposes to make the first two years of community college completely free for responsible students. The initiative seeks to give Americans of all ages the tools to move up in the middle class and add much needed skills to the work force.

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As a community college student myself attending Macomb Community College, being able to see the President for the first time was very much inspiring. Hearing him on TV talk about change and the future is one thing, but seeing him in action is amazing. I could feel by the roar of the crowd how important this moment is, not only to education but to our state and nation.

I can't talk enough about how much this program is needed for the middle to lower class. This nation was made on the perseverance of skilled men to better the community around them by way of education. It also seeks to increase the presence of internships and apprenticeships. Obama stated that people who have a post-secondary education such as college or a direct-to-apprenticeship training program can make 50 to 100,000 thousand dollars more a year than someone with only a high school diploma.

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The Obama administration is looking to roll out this program in the next upcoming weeks, that is if everything goes as planned. As Chair of the College Promise Advisory Board, Dr. Jill Biden also echoed the support of her fellow educators and her husband, Vice President Joe Biden. A program like this will change they question, "Should I go to college or should I work?" Now the question will be, "What community college should I go to?" The generation coming behind us will have a wealth of opportunities to better themselves, more than any previous generation before it. The promising future for all is now becoming even more possible.

For more information, check out Heads Up America.

Edmon Armstrong is a Community Affairs / Programing  intern and a aspiring filmmaker / Writer / Director / Producer / president of everything living in the Detroit area.

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