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Oakland County Road Crews Reminding Drivers To Slow Down, Be Patient With Them

(CBS DETROIT) - Wednesday we took you behind the scenes of the Macomb County Department of Roads Traffic Control Center. On Thursday, day 2 of the snowstorm in Metro Detroit, we went for a ride with the Oakland County Road Commission.

Throughout the day Thursday Oakland County road crews were filling up with salt, and having maintenance checks, before heading back on the roads.

"Yep 16 hour days," said driver with the Oakland County Road Commission Greg Belanger.

Belanger, who's been driving with the County for 7 years says, the long days will continue at least till the weekend.

He took us for a ride on the Lodge freeway where the roads were clear, and now he's clearly the shoulders for broken down vehicles. A task that can get a little scary while riding on the shoulder of the freeway over bridges.

"You just gotta remember to go slow over the bridges so you don't throw snow over the top," Belanger said.

He says a little overpass bridge danger is the least of concerns, his main challenge…other drivers.

"Just the people not letting you get by, they see all the lights and they don't care.," said Belanger.

He says now this is dangerous.

"Oh yeah I've been hit twice, the truck I was in hit twice. Some guy right straight into the back of the continuator and it was completely stopped at night time," said Belanger.

He says this was during road work in the summer, and thankfully he's ok, but it's just another reminder of what he and other road workers endure every time they hit the road. He has this advice for drivers.

"Just slow down when they see the lights and people working," Belanger said.

Trucks in Oakland County will continue to be on the roads and in neighbors for at least the next few days

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