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Ted Nugent Warms Up Trump Crowd In Michigan With Crotch Grab

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Hillary Clinton has a 76 percent chance of winning Michigan's important 16 electoral votes tomorrow, but Donald Trump is fighting for the state like Rocky Balboa in the ring.

Both candidates have been sweeping in or sending top-level surrogates nearly every day in the last week or so.

And one of those was rocker Ted Nugent, aka the "Motor City madman," who performed the National Anthem at a Trump rally Sunday in Sterling Heights, and several other songs inter cut with "profanity-laced musings on politics," according to ABC News.

He explained that Michigan has the "hardest working s—kickers mankind has ever known."

"I got your blue state right here, baby," Nugent said at one point, grabbing his crotch. "Black and blue."

Watch Ted Nugent's performance and commentary here starting at 25:21:

During his appearance at the two-hour-plus rally at the Freedom Hill Amphitheater, Nugent performed solo versions of "Fred Bear" and "Never Stop Believing." He also attacked Hillary Clinton with a brief comment.

"Each and every one of you have only 24 hours to convince the numb nuts that you know, that you can't vote for criminals, you can't vote for liars, you can't vote for scam artists."



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