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'Now Is The Time' Beaumont Health Urging Those 12+ To Get COVID Vaccine Prior To School Starting

(CBS DETROIT)- Doctors at Beaumont say the window for kids 12 and over to receive the COVID vaccine before school starts is closing. With that less than a month away some parents say they still have questions and concerns about the vaccines.

"They need to start the immunization schedule now as soon as possible at least after the first vaccine they'll have 50, 51, 53% protection," said Dr. Sandy Patel Pediatric Hospitalist With Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak.

Dr. Patel says now is the time for those 12 years old and up to receive at least their first dose of the COVID vaccine prior to school starting, but some parents like Detroiter Lela Sirmons still unsure about vaccinating her children.

"I was very hesitant seeing that I have a special needs son that's autistic and they really don't know what causes autism," said Lela Sirmons, mother of 4 who's unsure about getting kids COVID vaccine.

Sirmons, the mother of 4, with 2 kids under 16 says, with the Delta variant she's now more concerned about her 10 year old and her 16 year old Austin who's Autistic getting COVID, but is still conflicted since the vaccines are not yet FDA approved.

"I just need more verification on the outcome as far as what and what nots," Sirmons said.

Dr. Patel has this advice for Sirmons.

"It truly is safe for her to vaccinate her son and to also have the reassurance that he's not going to get COVID from it," said Dr. Patel.

Dr. Patel says 9 million kids over age 12 have received at least one vaccine dose nationwide, with very few experiencing serious complications.

She says at Beaumont over the past month or so 2 to 3 pediatric patients are admitted with COVID every week. A number she believes will rise if more youth 12 and up are not vaccinated. She says health official's are hoping kids 3-11 years old can start receiving vaccines by the end of Fall

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