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New Small Biz Security Product From Nuspire, Partners

COMMERCE TOWNSHIP (WWJ) -- Nuspire Networks, a provider of network management and security products and services, Thursday announced the availability of a bundled Payment Card Industry security system, available through a new partner channel for small- to mid-sized businesses to ensure compliance with industry standards and protect e-commerce transactions.

The credit card industry defines specific Data Security Standards (DSS) which businesses must adhere to in order to process payments, an essential option for retail businesses. SMBs have typically minimized the necessity of complying with DSS, but now the SMBs are the preferred target for hackers due to their relative vulnerability. Through Nuspire Partners across the globe, these businesses now have access to enterprise-quality products and services that will meet compliance standards for a variety of security concerns.

The sophistication of the often changing DSS technology is a challenge for SMBs to meet, and the risks in not complying with DSS are significant. In addition to potentially crippling fines, damage to brand image and the erosion of customer loyalty, companies may be denied a transaction channel that could mean the difference between success and failure. Through its partner channel, Nuspire provides a suite of managed security services that help businesses achieve compliance with DSS as well as provide gateway security and Rogue Wireless Detection Services.

"The PCI security bundle from Nuspire Networks offers small- and mid-sized businesses a simple yet sophisticated solution to the serious security challenges they face," says Nuspire partner Ervin Frenzel, of Frenzel Computer Services in Amarillo, Texas. "This solution enables businesses to focus on their company's mission and rest assured that their security needs are met by a superior toolset and vigilant professionals monitoring their networks for malicious activity."

"Nuspire Partners are offering bundled, turnkey, and cost leveraged security solution for SMBs that rivals what the large enterprises employ," notes Tony Petcou, Nuspire Networks Partner Program Manager. "Our technology allows partners to provide customers an effective, professionally managed solution without the costly investment in people and infrastructure necessary to do it themselves."

Nuspire has more than a decade of industry experience, providing security services for some of the largest and most distinctive companies in the world. Nuspire is a true managed service provider that has moved beyond simple firewall maintenance and IDS monitoring to take responsibility for customer networks. Nuspire uses powerful custom-built management and monitoring tools, IPS, in-line AV/Anti-Spyware, URL filtering, and content-aware firewalling. Available via a cloud-based or on-premise delivery model, Nuspire provides a comprehensive suite of security services focused to meet the needs of organizations with a geographically diverse footprint.

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