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New Poll of 2,289 Voters In 4 Battleground States: Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, And Wisconsin

(CBS DETROIT) - A new poll by Washington DC-based Civiqs, a well-rated pollster by Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight, in conjunction with Rust Belt Rising, shows Biden maintaining a solid lead in three of four Rust Belt battlegrounds. Civiqs and Rust Belt Rising's polls have been covered in Time magazine's DC Brief political newsletter and included in FiveThirtyEight's presidential forecast.

Civiqs and Rust Belt Rising's poll consists of 2,289 likely voters:

  • Overall battleground results: 51% Biden, 46% Trump, 3% other, 1% unsure
  • Michigan (543 respondents): 52% Biden, 43% Trump, 4% other, 2% unsure
  • Ohio (586): 50% Trump, 47% Biden, 3% other, 1% unsure
  • Pennsylvania (600): 52% Biden, 45% Trump, 2% other, 1% unsure
  • Wisconsin (560): 53% Biden, 45% Trump, 2% other, 1% unsure

The October 8-11 poll finds 52% of voters do not trust the Trump Administration to provide accurate information on COVID-19 while 36% do trust President Trump. By a 49%-42% margin, people favor getting the pandemic under control first to safely and fully reopen business and schools so they stay open instead of adjusting to living with the pandemic while keeping everything open. With the Supreme Court, Midwesterners believe the next President and Senate should fill the vacancy by 50% to 48%. On schooling, they favor hybrid in-person/distance learning (40%) over more in-person (33%) or distance learning (21%). With the wide partisan split on absentee voting, 22% of Democrats will be voting on Election Day versus 71% of Republicans. State and local Democrats lead on who voters trust to rebuild the economy, 46% to 42%.

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"Voters want effective leaders with empathy and good judgment," said Paul Kendrick, Executive Director of Rust Belt Rising. "People said they don't feel in control of their lives right now and they overwhelmingly identified a political change as what they need to get back in control of their lives again."

Chicago-based, Rust Belt Rising is a Midwest political organization that trains Democrats and provides research and programs to more than 300 rising leaders in IllinoisIndianaMichiganOhioPennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Full results:

SOURCE Rust Belt Rising

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