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New federal rules on ghost guns are set to take effect next week

New Federal Rules On Ghost Guns Are Set To Take Effect Next Week
New Federal Rules On Ghost Guns Are Set To Take Effect Next Week 02:42

(CBS DETROIT) - They're easy to buy, simple to make and hard for police to track.

Privately manufactured firearms otherwise known as ghost guns are a criminal's dream and a nightmare for police.

But, soon new restrictions will effectively ban these types of weapons.

"[Ghost guns] are certainly concerning," said Cmdr. Eric Decker with the Detroit Police Department. "It's putting guns into the wrong people's hands."

Since January 2021, DPD recovered 80 ghost guns — some were even connected to violent crimes.

"They're used from a possession type all the way up to homicide," he said.

According to the Department of Justice, the number of ghost guns is on the rise across the country.

From 2016 to 2021, the DOJ said the ATF received more than 45,000 reports of ghost guns recovered by police--nearly 700 were connected to a homicide or an attempted homicide.

"I believe that these privately manufactured firearms and 3D firearms are making it easier for those are not allowed to have firearms to get access," said Craig Kailimai, who is the assistant special agent in charge at the ATF Detroit Office.

Starting on Aug. 24, makers of ghost gun kits would be required to include serial numbers, have federal licenses, run background checks and keep purchase records.

"It will allow law enforcement to track firearms, crime guns so we can generate investigative leads for our law enforcement partners," he said.

In a major city such as Detroit, the ban is a small part of a big puzzle to reducing gun violence

But Decker said it's a win whenever you can keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people.

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