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New App Designed to Bring Real Human Experiences to Social Media

A local man is working to change the way people interact on social media.

To bring more real-life experiences online Ziarekenya Smith created the Inpathy app where users can post their moods and emotions.

Smith launched a crowd-funding campaign to bring Inpathy to life and introduce mental health conversations online.

Users can log-on, select their moods and track how other followers are feeling too.

Smith says he was inspired to bring something new to the world of social media, where often, many people show only their happiest moments.

The app developer says Inpathy will bring a more human experience, by giving users the ability to post real-life emotions, in real-time.

 "Inpathy is for everybody, it's free, and it's available in your pocket and I believe that's a vision worth betting on and I believe that's a vision worth investing on," Smith said.

Inpathy is set to launch next spring.

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