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Musicians + Sports: Cole Swindell on Representing All Things (and Teams) Atlanta, Georgia

By Scott T. Sterling

There's no two ways about it, rapidly rising country star Cole Swindell is a Georgia boy through and through.

"I went to a small high school in down in south Georgia. Terrell Academy is the name of it," he said during a recent interview with about his sporting life. "I graduated with about 23 people, so if you were the least bit athletic, you kind of had to play everything. So I played baseball, basketball, football, ran track and played golf. Georgia Southern [University] is my team. It's where I went to college. It's the only sport where they have an actual hat, so I just want to show support for my school. Georgia Southern was such a big part of me getting my start."

The lifelong and diehard fan of the Atlanta Braves, who was recently honored with commemorative signs in his hometown of Bronwood, GA, gets a special thrill out of the baseball team's third baseman, Chris Johnson, using his platinum-selling 2013 single, "Chillin' It," as walk-up music for his turn at bat.

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"I actually got to go to a game and hear it," he said. "It's weird hearing all the people singing it. I was like, 'I bet they have no idea I'm here, this is so awesome.'"

Formerly hired to be Luke Bryan's merch guy, Swindell will be spending most of his summer opening for Bryan on his 'That's My Kind of Night' tour. "Being on this tour with Luke Bryan and Lee Brice, we're getting to play some pretty crazy places," Swindell said. "But none better than Madison Square Garden I think. That's a world famous arena."

"I'm a big [Atlanta] Falcons fan, but we're not playing the Georgia Dome," he added in reference to his favorite NFL squad's home turf. "Still...we're playing places like Pittsburgh, and Solider Field in Chicago. Just huges places that are going to be cool."

Ultimately, though, it all comes back to his beloved home town and state.

"Being a big Braves fan, Turner Field would be cool to play a show at," he said. "Maybe one day we can book me a show at Turner Field."

Watch Swindell elaborate on all things sports in the video clip above.

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