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MSU Ranks On 'Sugar Baby' Schools List

EAST LANSING (CBS Detroit) President Barack Obama has promised to take on the cost of higher education and massive student loan debt -- but in the meantime, some young women are apparently taking matters into their own hands., a website that matches young girls with "sugar daddies" who agree to help pay their college expenses and other bills, said Michigan State University is among the fastest growing "sugar baby" schools in the country.

Overall, more than 100 female students at MSU signed up in 2012 on the website that describes itself as the "No. 1 sugar daddy site for those seeking mutually beneficial arrangements." Basically, it pairs men with money with girls they can take care of. Arrangements are specific to the couple.

The site lists the duties of a "modern daddy" -- "a successful and generous man who is willing to pamper and offer financial help or gifts to a young person in return for friendship and companionship" and a "goal seeking sugar baby," who is described as a girl who "know(s) you deserve to date someone who will pamper you, empower you, and help you mentally, emotionally and financially."

"Tens of thousands of years ago, when humans were cavemen and cavewomen, we were doing exactly the same thing. Except, back then, men who were the best hunters were the sugar daddies of their times," the site says.

This comes as average student loan debt for new grads topped $27,000 in October, according to CNN Money; in Michigan, 62 percent of students have loan debt.

Overall, said it experienced a nationwide increase of 58 percent from college students in the past year. Girls on the site describe themselves, post a sexy photo, and list the monetary amount they expect every month from a "daddy." Taglines include phrases like "treat me like an angel and I'll take you to Heaven," and "I'm sassy and classy."

In that mix,  approximately 133 percent more women attending Michigan State University signed up in 2012 than in 2011; 112 percent more attending Eastern Michigan University; 95 percent more attending Wayne University; and 82 percent more women attending the University of Michigan, according to the site.

"The population of college Sugar Babies in Michigan has steadily increased every year, with MSU leading all major universities in Michigan," SeekingArrangement founder Brandon Wade said in a press release. "While some may argue that these women are just using men for their own personal gain, I believe that they are proactive in pursuing a higher education."

The Top 20 fastest growing Sugar Baby Schools, determined by the number of new sign-ups in 2012 looks like this: 1. Georgia State University – 292 sign-ups;  2. New York University – 285; 3. Temple University – 268; 4. University of Central Florida – 221;  5. University of Southern Florida – 212; Arizona State University – 204; 7. Florida International University - 187; 8. University of Georgia – 148; 9. Indiana University – 123; 10. Texas State - 131; 11. Kent State University – 128; 12. Penn State – 121;  13. University of North Texas - 112; 14. Florida State University - 111; 15.Tulane University – 109; 16. Michigan State University – 108.

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