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MRLA Offering Free Food Safety Classes for Kids

(CBS DETROIT) - Eating is one thing all people have in common and preparing safe and nutritious meals at home is one lesson many people hope to learn.

"Washing your hands, keeping hot food hot, cold food cold, separating meats and vegetables," said Amanda Smith, vice president of education at the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association.

"Just basic food safety," she continued.

As more families find themselves spending more time at home, the MRLA is pushing a new program to teach kids about food safety.

"A lot of people are cooking at home which is great and I think sometimes when people hear the word food-borne illness or food-borne outbreak, they automatically think restaurants, but misuse of food happens everywhere," Smith said.

The Scrub Club is a free online food safety program directed at middle-school aged children.

Kids can learn core food safety principles like cross-contamination, basic sanitation, hand washing, cook time and temperatures.

"Especially with that younger population or as families are learning to cook to understand where places can go wrong sometimes when you're cooking," said Smith.

"You know we can have the mayonnaise sit on the counter too long. We don't wash our hands when we get off the bus. Pets are in our house. Laundry are things we have to do in our homes as well. All of those are places where bacteria can get mixed in with our food."

The Scrub Club program is now open through September 2022.

"I think it's so important that you expose your kids early to food and to cooking, and really teaching everybody how to use different pieces of equipment; but the most important factor for us is making sure that people are doing that in a safe fashion," Smith explained.

To learn more about the education course visit .

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