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Minnesota Timberwolves Hype Video Mashes The Team With 90210

By: Jeff Riger

Can I be honest? Thanks!

I'm not even thinking about the NBA season starting. Hockey is underway, NFL and College Football have been great so far and even the World Series is very captivating. With all of the above going on, I seem to have very little - to no excitement for the upcoming NBA season. Oh, by the way, the Pistons will probably struggle again this year which doesn't really help my thirst for the sport either.

However something has just been brought to my attention that might get me to watch a Minnesota Timberwolves game.

You see, the T-Wolves aren't going to be any good this season but they stumbled on something truly genius to try and sell the team early on. Every team has to do a fan video and most are exactly the same and not worth remembering; but not the Timberwolves!

Beverly Hills 90210 was the greatest TV teen drama in the history of television and actually taught me a lot about...well...everything. The girls on the show were hot, the storylines were sensational and Brandon Walsh was a true role model. Hell, I don't consider myself an expert on anything in life except for 90201.

-I felt for Brenda when Kelly and Dylan broke her heart and admitted that they were sleeping with each other. Brenda looked so hot in that black leather jacket as she walked away dejected.

-I was horrified when Emily Valentine slipped Brandon the Euphoria at a rave. Of course Walsh then had his car stripped and was forced to ride his bike for a while. Brandon obviously had to break up with Emily.

-I was also proud when Donna Martin got to graduate when her classmates marched out of class to support her.

Bottom line...I loved that show!

So when I saw that the Timberwolves modeled their latest fan introduction video after 90210, I couldn't help but to get everybody I know to check it out.

One more thing...

If you didn't watch 90210, you probably have no interest in the video. But who am I kidding? Everybody watched and even if you don't admit it you did and you should watch this video as too.

Oh and if you have any great 90210 trivia questions, feel free to throw them my way. I'm pretty sure I can answer them all. And no I'm not sure if that's something to be proud of or not?

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