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Mid-Michigan Male Teacher Bashed Online For Wearing Makeup

(CNN) – Nick Popadich is an English teacher at Grand Blanc High School. Colorful – the perfect word to describe this family man and father of two.

But apparently, on social media – someone didn't like the make-up that adorned his face, the blue lipstick or maybe the oversized sunglasses or nose ring.

"Yes sometimes I wear make up and express myself in a certain way."

Popadich didn't see the actual post on Grand Blanc residents uncensored – but many others did.

"Once I got back to my phone – I got all these texts that were saying – they were warning me like Nick – you gotta check this out – somebody's bashing you on social media."

The post read "Is it true this man teaches at grand blanc high school? This is not acceptable as a role model for kids easily influenced."

What followed? An overwhelming deluge of support and love.

"At first, it was just that heart palpitation kind of like oh what's going on and then it was just that pleasant surprise of hearing everyone sending me well wishes."

One Facebook user writing, "I personally love it and celebrate it in my household."

Another user said, "Say you're homophobic without saying you're homophobic."

Popadich also had his own words to say – regarding those hateful ideas – he says let me affirm that I will not tolerate it. If there was ever more of a time to have an equity and inclusion committee, it is now.

"Teachers need to represent every student. And we have plenty of people that look a certain way, but we also need to have other people that are going to be there for kids and be a role model for kids that do feel differently or are going to express themselves in a different way."

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