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Michigan Woman Picks Unmistakably Duck-Shaped Tomato [PHOTO]

MOUNT MORRIS TWP. (CBS Detroit) - A Genesee County woman with a green thumb got a surprise and a giggle while gardening about a week ago.

It's been a good summer for tomatoes at the Davidek home, in Mount Morris, Michigan, and it was business as usual as Maria Davidek tended her crop — until she came across a standout that quacked her up.

"I picked it up and thought, 'Oh my gosh! He looks just like a little duck!'" she told

Understandably, Davidek was anxious to show her husband,

"I said to him, do you wanna see my duck? And he looked at me as if I was going a little loony...but then (he agreed), 'Yes! It's got a beak and all!'"

Davidek, who's been gardening since the late 1950s, had never seen anything like this before. Unfortunately, she said, she does not have any tips to offer those who's like to grow a ducky tomato of their own.

"Just keep an eye out," she said.

She seems to have grown a bit attach to the oddly shaped fruit. Does she plan to eat it?

"I really can't say; but not right now," Davidek said. "Right now he's sitting on the porch table where he's been, among all his other tomato friends...But none of them are ducks, so he's a loner."

"I don't know whether I would ever...but he's getting riper so the day is coming when I know I won't have my duck tomato anymore."

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