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Michigan UAW members lead caravan to Ohio Jeep plant to show solidarity amid strike

Michigan UAW members lead caravan to Ohio Jeep plant, show solidarity amid strike
Michigan UAW members lead caravan to Ohio Jeep plant, show solidarity amid strike 02:10

TOLEDO, Ohio - United Auto Workers union members in Michigan led a Ford Bronco caravan to the Stellantis Assembly Plant in Toledo, Ohio. 

The trip was meant to show solidarity with workers on strike and return the favor as Jeep workers drove a caravan to the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne on Tuesday.

"We want them to know that we're all in this together," said Geoff Booth, a Ford quality inspector and member of UAW Local 900. "Being that it's the two iconic, pinnacle vehicles of each brand, we're both on strike together at the same. This has never happened before. And we're just proud to be doing this together."

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Booth led the caravans to the Jeep plant Thursday morning and evening. He said that while Broncos and Jeeps are competitors in the car market, during the strike, they are all on the same team.

Nearly a week into the strike, Booth said they weren't tired. They are more organized and prepared. He said that the layoffs, and the threatened layoffs, are not discouraging them.

"It actually emboldens us. We know that we're putting more pressure on the companies to do the right thing, come to the table, make an honest deal with us."

The Jeep plant workers cheered as the caravan drove by and dropped off water. Jeep employee Mark Westhoven said the show of solidarity strengthens and encourages them.

"We love their support," said Westhoven. "We can't thank them enough for showing us we're one big family. We're all in this together. The only way we're going to get through this is by supporting each other."

UAW President Sean Fain said the strike will expand if progress toward an agreement is not reached by Friday.

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