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Michigan Teen Nets High Profile Prom Date(s) After Twitter Plea

DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) - A Woodhaven High School senior will have two dates for his prom thanks to Twitter.

Jaime Guerra thought it would be cool to take Sacramento Kings basketball player Nik Stauskas' girlfriend to prom.

Guerra had seen pictures of her on social media and thought she'd be a perfect date.

So Guerra did what any kid would do -- he tweeted Stauskas to ask if it would be alright to ask the Sacramento Kings' girlfriend to come to his prom in June.

Guerra said the two stuck a bargain online.

"He said, 'well, if you get 10,000 re-tweets' and then he asked his girlfriend and she responded '10,000' and then I just posted a picture on Twitter," said Guerra.

"I just posted a picture of our conversation, posted a picture of her and asked, 'please help me out,' he said. "I honestly didn't even know that it would go this crazy - it was real late at night, I can't believe that many people were up on Twitter, I got like a hundred re-tweets in literally like five seconds. And it just kept going crazy like 200 re-tweets every minute."

Guerra says he met his goal in just one night. Stauskas, the former University of Michigan basketball player, will also tag along ... to chaperon.

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