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Michigan Tech Wins Double OT Thriller And Their Celebration Will Make you Laugh Out Loud [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

This weekend while everyone's eyes were on the NCAA basketball tournament, there was another collegiate playoff happening.

Michigan Tech was in the WCHA playoffs against Bowling Green and won a double OT thriller that will leave sports fans in awe.

Tech won the game 3-2 Saturday night when Shane Hanna netted the winning goal. What happened afterward left Fox Sports Pete Blackburn to say, "This is one of the most amazing sports GIFs I've ever seen."

After advancing, the Bowling Green goalie and defender were still lying on the ice when the entire Michigan Tech team almost skates right over them while celebrating.

According to

"I've been around 35 years of college hockey, I've won national championship games in overtime, I've lost them in overtime. I can tell you, this game had everything that those games did," Huskies coach Mel Pearson said. "Overall it was a great display of college hockey for the WCHA."

People within the 97.1 The Ticket offices can't get enough of this gif and have been laughing about it hysterically. Is this the best sports gif you have seen?

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