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Michigan Supreme Court Says Dues Going Up $100 For Lawyers

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — It will cost an additional $100 a year to be a Michigan lawyer.

The state Supreme Court approved an overall increase of 32% Wednesday. Lawyers will pay annual dues of $260 to the State Bar of Michigan, $140 to the attorney discipline system and $15 to the client protection fund.

Justice Elizabeth Welch noted that the State Bar's portion of the increase — $80 — is the first since 2003.

"The SBM provides excellent resources for its members," she said.

Justice Brian Zahra said he preferred an $80 raise for the State Bar over four years. Justice David Viviano said a "modest increase" for the State Bar would have been appropriate.

He said the higher fees would be a burden for lawyers whose dues aren't paid by an employer.

The state pays the dues of Supreme Court justices.

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