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Ban Passes: MSU Campus To Go 'Tobacco-Free' In 14 Months

EAST LANSING (WWJ) - Tobacco use of any kind will soon be forbidden anywhere on the campus of Michigan State University.

Spokesman Jason Cody said MSU trustees have passed a smoking ban that not only includes traditional cigarettes, but vaporizers and e-cigarettes as well.

"We wanted to include all forms of tobacco and tobacco delivery," Cody said, adding that it's a policy change that's been long overdue.

"There's a couple different reasons we're doing this," he said. "This move, which has been led by our provost office, is part of a larger overall healthy campus initiative. As we're looking out to improve the health culture around campus, it made sence to our leadership to include all forms of tobacco."

Smoking in campus buildings at Michigan State is already banned; and, for now, people are allowed to light up if they are at least 25-feet away from any building entrance or exit.

In 14 months, however, MSU will join over 1,000 campuses throughout the U.S. that are 100 percent tobacco-free.

How are students and staffers reacting?

"We have heard from those people who use tobacco products who this is going to impact," Cody said. "We've had campus conversations, had meetings with them; and, while of course there's going to be some people who are not happy with this move by MSU, we're gonna do everything we can to help them if they do decide they wanna quit."

That's the reason for the year-plus delay, Cody explained — to give students and other smokers the chance to go through a "quit smoking" program already offered at MSU.

The tobacco ban will apply to students and staff throughout the campus' 520 acres.

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