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Michigan Senate Majority Leader Leads Charge To Limit Governor's Emergency Powers

CBS Detroit -  In an article by the Detroit News, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirky (R-Clarkdale) is supporting the idea of a petition to limit Governor Whitmer's emergency powers. Shirkey said this in a radio interview Monday on the "Your Defending Fathers" program.

Shirkey said, "I think it's probably the No. 1 priority right now". This was in reply to a question about creating a citizen-led petition to change the 1945 Emergency Powers Act, which currently allows the governor to use emergency powers without the approval of the legislature, and allows the Governor to deiced when an emergency ends without legislative approval. According to the Detroit News, Whitmer is using the law to fight COVID-19 and argues she shouldn't have to negotiate an end to the public health crisis.

Credit: - Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirky (R-Clarkdale)

Which along with many other states has shut down their economies and 1.1 million have filed for unemployment. Many people in the state, as evidence to recent protests in Lansing, and those in the legislature are ready for the transition back. With starting the petition, Shirkey said "I would look forward to starting that process, which I hope we do within the next couple weeks,".

The Majority Leader said a lawsuit by the Republican-led Legislature against Gov. Whitmer's emergency powers could happen this week, but he was reluctant.

Republicans in the Legislature refers to the 1976 Emergency Management Act, which grants the Governor emergency powers, however, the law requires the Legislature to grant approval for an extension after a declaration has been declared for 28 days. Since no extension has been approved by the Legislature, Republicans say the declaration expired Friday.

Governor Whitmer, under the authority of the 1976 law has issued an extension until May 28th. The Democrats on the other side of the aisle point to the 1945 Emergency Powers Act, saying that the governor has the ability to say when an emergency is over.

Shirkey said he does not recommend people to violate the emergency orders. As of May 3rd, The Detroit News reports 43,754 cases of COVID-19, and 4,049 deaths from it.

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