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Michigan Matters: The Mayors Weigh In!

Southfield (CBS Detroit) - As the pandemic nears its one year anniversary since reaching Michigan, its toll has been significant as four leaders – Westland Mayor William R. Wild, Pontiac Mayor Deirdre Waterman, Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett, and Warren Mayor James R. Fouts talked about on  CBS 62's "Michigan Matters."

The four leaders talked with Carol Cain, Senior Producer/Host as they shared stories from the front lines of about dealing with this 100-year pandemic.

Bill Wild
Michigan Matters Host Carol Cain, with Mayor William R. Wild of Westland

Wild, who is also President of the Michigan Municipal League which represents leaders across the state, discussed how he has been coping with the health and economic damage brought by Covid-19. He talked about the regional battle of getting enough vaccine for constituents.

Dr. Deirdre Waterman
Michigan Matters Host Carol Cain, with Pontiac Mayor Dr. Deirdre Waterman

Waterman discussed how her city has been teaming up with others including the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation, the Ballmer Foundation, GM and others as they find ways to help spur  economic prospects of the Oakland County city. She provided detail on how her administration has been helping people.

She also talked about the Motor Bella event being staged by the Detroit Auto Dealers Association this fall and others coming in 2021 and the boost it will give.

Bryan Barnett
Michigan Matters Host Carol Cain, with Mayor Bryan Barnett of Rochester Hills

Barnett, who just finished his stint as President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, talked how his city has grappled with the additional costs of the pandemic, and other topics.

Jim Fouts
Michigan Matters Host Carol Cain, with Mayor James R. Fouts of Warren

Fouts, who runs the third largest city in Michigan, talked how he has been working to help his constituents as they seek vaccine for Covid-19 and provide other assistance to small businesses. He has suggested to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and others that Warren City Hall be used as a location for Covid-19 vaccinations but has not yet heard back.


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