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Michigan Matters: The Challenges And Opportunities For Democrats In Michigan

Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Brandon Dillon talked about the issues before his party on "Michigan Matters" including 2016 when a red hot presidential contest is held with Michigan a focal point.

Dillon, who took over the job in July, hails from Grand Rapids. He talked about the influence of deep pocketed Republicans like Ron Weiser and Dick DeVos who he said are forcing issues like ending straight ticket voting which will impact the election.

He was joined by Jill Alper, partner at Dewey Square Group, and Buzz Thomas, former state legislator. The show is hosted by senior Producer Carol Cain.

"Michigan Matters" also focused on the Republican side of the aisle in a special show in September where Cain talked to Ronna  Romney McDaniel, party chairman and five of the GOP presidential candidates at their event on Mackinac Island.

Watch "Michigan Matters" 11:30 Sunday on CBS 62.

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