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Michigan Matters: Putting dental and heart health front and center

Michigan Matters - Putting dental and heart health front and center
Michigan Matters - Putting dental and heart health front and center 24:21

(CBS DETROIT) - It's a focus on our physical well-being as we talk about the importance of oral health and its impact, particularly among children, as Dr. Jason Golnick, pediatric dentist, Margaret Trimer, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Delta Dental of Michigan, and Lisa Taylor, of Smiles On Wheels, appear on Michigan Matters.

Trimer has been working with others to get legislation adopted in Lansing, which Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed, that focuses on the need for young people to have an oral check-up just as they do for eyes and hearing. It goes into effect this fall.

Dr. Golick talks about the toll of ignoring oral health issues on people of all ages, particularly young people, as it can be a precursor to bigger issues down the road.

Taylor discusses her organization, which has a mobile van that travels around the state and provides free dental checkups.

Dr. Jason Golnick, Margaret Trimer and Lisa Taylor with Michigan Matters host Carol Cain.  Polly Peltier/CBS Detroit

Then, it's issues revolving around the heart as Dr. Herb Aronow, Medical Director of Heart & Vascular Services at Henry Ford Health, and Dr. Matthew Ebinger, Cardiac Electrophysiologist at Henry Ford Health, share advice for people about taking their heart health seriously during the summer months.

Dr. Aronow talks about the toll of young people ignoring dental disease, which can manifest itself into things like heart issues years later.

Dr. Erbinger discusses more young people having greater heart issues from a first-person perspective. He began experiencing issues in his 30s but got treatment and is healthy today.

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(Carol Cain is the 13-time Emmy-winning senior producer and host of Michigan Matters)

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