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'Michigan Matters' Focus: Breaking Down The Debate And Helping Ailing Young People In Detroit

Former Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer and Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson had very different takes of the nationally televised GOP presidential debate this week and what it means for Michigan.

Brewer, an attorney at Goodman Acker Law Firm, and Patterson, a longtime card-carrying member of the GOP, appeared with WCHB's Cliff Russell as they joined "Michigan Matters" Senior Producer/Host Carol Cain to dissect the three-hour long debate.

Patterson, who has endorsed Gov. Jeb Bush, also gave kudos to Carly Fiorina and how she performed.

Russell also said Fiorina appeared to dominate the debate with her knowledge of foreign affairs and also putting GOP frontrunner Donald Trump in his place.

Brewer, who was Democratic Chair for 18 years, said Hillary Clinton would become the eventual Democratic nominee whether Joe Biden joined the field or not.

Michigan Matters
(credit: Matt Christopherson/CBS 62)

Then, Luanne Ewald, vice president of business development for Children's Hospital of Michigan Jennifer Litomisky, executive director, Ronald McDonald House of Detroit , and Renee Sullivan, race director of GOah Noah 5k race joined Cain to talk about the battle to defeat children's cancer.

Sullivan, whose son, Noah, had cancer, was aided by Children's Hospital and Ronald McDonald House Detroit in his victory over the disease.

She launched the race held Oct. 3 to give back as funds raised are donated to Ronald McDonald House Detroit.

Watch "Michigan Matters" 11:30 Sunday on CBS 62.

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