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Michigan Lawmakers React To President Biden's Executive Order Plans

(CBS DETROIT)- As President Joe Biden becomes the nation's 46th President there are several executive orders he plans to sign right away. Including nationwide restrictions on evictions, something 2nd District Detroit State Representative Adam Hollier says will positively impact his community

"What President Biden is doing is he's making the first steps today, but laying the foundation for the work that is to come I think that's critically important saying hey I'm going to make sure things don't get any worse while we figure out long term solutions."

Masks being worn during Wednesday's inauguration was clearly the sign of the times as it relates to our current crisis. Biden says the pandemic will be a priority and plans to mandate masks wear on federal property. Hollier agrees

"I think most of that just starts with just understanding and excepting that this is a real issue and it really affects people, particularly black folks in Detroit."

Some Republicans not agreeing with President Biden's plans to rejoin the Paris climate agreement and plan to stop all wall construction at the southern border.

A statement from Michigan's 10th District US Rep. Lisa McClain reads in part.

"Reentering the Paris Climate Accord undermines economic growth and puts American manufacturing at a disadvantage to China. Biden's open border policies will make our communities at both the southwest and northern border vulnerable to criminal activity. The disastrous plan to raise the minimum wage will destroy jobs and add an unnecessary burden to Michigan small businesses that are already having a tough time staying afloat."

More orders will come Thursday when its expected Biden will sign several executive actions as it relates to the pandemic and reopening of businesses and schools.

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