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Michael Davis, Bassist For "MC5" Dies At 68

DETROIT (WWJ) - A member of legendary Detroit rock band MC5 has died of liver failure.

Michael Davis, a member of the MC5, has died of liver disease at 68.

WWJ's Violet Ikonomova gives us a closer look at one of the most iconic bands to ever come out of Detroit.

Davis died near his California home ... but back in the late 60's he was in Detroit making influential, politically charged rock music with the band.

M.L. Liebler teaches a Detroit music history course at Wayne State University. He says the MC5 was one of the most iconic rock bands to come out of the city.

"Back in the 60s not everybody was for integration, not everybody was against the war in Vietnam. Not everybody was supportive of a counter-culture movement in this country. And here are these guys were playing this sort of loud ruckus music with political messages to it," said Liebler.

Davis actually went to Wayne State before dropping out to pursue music.

"As far as my thinking of it and understanding of it, (he) is sort of the quieter one in the group ... sort of the heart and soul of the group," said Liebler.

Jerry Lubin, a disc jockey in the late 60s,  says the group was a pillar in the counter-culture movement.

"It was just jaw-dropping, they were just amazing. They could write, they could sing, they could play like crazy and they were obnoxious, which is what a band should be," said Lubin. "

"There are people who are stars in the genre of heavy metal music who look back to the MC5. There are people who are stars in the punk rock movement who look back to the punk rock movement who look back to MC5. And I think he had an outstanding impact on what is popular music today," said Liebler.

Davis is survived by his wife and four kids.

Memorial plans are pending.

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