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Metro Detroit Uber Driver Calls It Quits Over High Gas, Other Costs

(CBS DETROIT)-  Looking at gas station signs in Metro Detroit Tuesday there doesn't seem to be a sliver lining in site.

"The Michigan state average of $4.18 a gallon is up 61 cents compared to this same time last week," said Adrienne Woodland, with AAA Michigan.

Woodland says, this is staggering.

Of course drivers feeling the pitch, especially those in ride sharing.

"Benefits at certain gas stations where you might save 10 cents a gallon, but when prices are like this saving 10 cents a gallon or 15 cents a gallon, it means nothing," said Roy Coleman of Garden City a Uber Driver for almost a decade.

So after 8 years and over 20 thousand rides Coleman says he's done. He recently left the ride sharing business.

"At his point in my life I can't afford and don't need to be running around like that, it's time for me to pull back," Coleman said.

Coleman says, and he's not looking back.

The $4.18 per gallon average in Michigan is just above the national average, but it's certainly not the highest in the country. Some seeing over $6 per gallon.

"Particularly the pacific coast, those are some of the highest prices," Woodland said.

"I saw that on the news last night, and I'm like, you gotta be kidding me, I mean I will literally stop driving," said Coleman.

Some experts say the current prices in Michigan are only expected to go up. Hopefully not as high as the west coast.

Coleman says he's sympathetic for other's who drive for a living, and does not see how they will make it day to day with prices this high.

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