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Metro Detroit Police Officials Urge Residents To Avoid Celebratory Gunfire New Year's Eve

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) -- Law enforcement agencies across Metro Detroit are urging residents to avoid participating in celebratory gunfire as they bring in the new year.

Representatives from the Detroit Police Department, Highland Park Police Department, Wayne County Sheriff's Office and Michigan State Police held a news conference Friday to discuss safety precautions, stressing that participating will lead to legal consequences.

"In the city of Detroit, discharge of a firearm is prohibited. You could be arrested and will likely face punishment and or a fine," said Detroit Police Chief James White. "Looking at our community, we've seen just so many instances of reckless use of firearm and using firearms to resolve disputes. Certainly, that is not the way we want to celebrate a New Year, which is filled with opportunity, by doing the very thing that caused so much hardship the year prior."

White said they will be patrolling the neighborhoods Friday night to ensure residents' safety.

"If you know someone in your family or you know of someone and have a relationship with them and you have knowledge that they intend on doing that (celebratory gunfire, drinking and driving) definitely step up and encourage them not to do that," said First Assistant Chief Todd Bettison.

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