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Meet The Teenage Brothers Who Own "Expedition Soaps"

Lake Orion, MI  (CBS Detroit)  - His bike was stolen when he was 14 years old, he needed a new one but he didn't have any money. So his father loaned him $300 with the understanding that he would pay him back. So Spencer Kelly went to work, but not at a fast-food restaurant where most teenagers go to make their money.  Spencer had a better idea, an idea that has made him over $100,000.

Spencer Kelly is the 18-year-old owner and founder of Expedition Soaps.  His younger brother Grant Kelly is 15 years old and is the new General Manager of the company.  Grant is in charge of daily operations at Expedition Soaps, while Spencer is attending Oakland University studying in their Honors Business Program.  Together, they are a team dedicated to bringing you their REAL products and REAL great customer service.

"It was very important for him to understand and accept some responsibility of what took place, because the bicycle was stolen with the lock on it not being used," explains Spencer's father Stephen Kelly. "So I wasn't just going to buy him a new bicycle when he requested a new bike."

"That was the least expected day of my life," says Spencer. "It seemed that a fun afternoon had ruined my summer, or so I thought. My dad got me the new bicycle, but because I left the lock on it, I was going to have to pay it back by the end of summer."

"Well, an ingenious idea came to mind," continues Spencer. "I was in the shower and then it just hand-made soap!"

"He was right," says Stephen, "everybody uses soap, and quickly it became a situation where he was serious."

"It's been fun doing the business with my brother," says Grant Kelly. "My whole life he's been a great brother, we always have fun."

"Just being able to talk to people like normal, is such a big thing for me," says Spencer. "It really is a big stepping stone in my life."

"If I could meet the guy who stole my bike, well first off I would get all up in his face, then I would just shake his hand and say 'thanks, man' and just walk off."

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