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Medicaid Delayed Is Medicaid Denied Say Protesters In Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) - Medicaid delayed is Medicaid denied. That's the thinking from a big crowd of protesters outside the Michigan Health and Human Services office in Detroit.

WWJ's Stephanie Davis reports, people are upset that the new Medicaid expansion law won't start until next year.

The rally was organized by the group Good Jobs Now -- who is disappointed with Governor Snyder and legislators because the law expanding Medicaid did not get immediate effect and won't start until April of next year.

The law passed weeks ago but state lawmakers refuse to give the law immediate effect so those needing the aid of Medicaid will have to wait until April of 2014.

Among the protesters was Marcia Bridges from Eastpointe who says that is just not good enough.

"Even though it did pass - why the delay? It's costing Michiganders seven million dollars a day and I think that is hideous. Why would we want to waste money when they said the state need the money and especially the city of Detroit," asked Bridges.

Another protester told WWJ that she had open heart surgery in February and now has to pay hundreds of dollars in prescription costs.

"It don't make no sense, when there are people out here who are dying on the streets because they need medical attention and can't receive it because they don't have medical insurance," said Bridges.

Bridges noted that her recent medical expenses are so taxing that she will have to file for bankruptcy.

Protests surrounding the Medicaid delay were also held in Flint and Grand Rapids.

The Detroit rally was organized by the group Good Jobs Now.

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