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Mayor Bing Promises 'Real Action' In State Of The City Address

DETROIT (WWJ) - "I'm a believer and I know we deserve nothing but the best," said Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, delivering his 3rd State of the City address Wednesday evening.

Bing said he remains committed to improving the quality of life for Detroiters.

"We are at a critical and pivotal time like none in Detroit's history," said Bing.  "It requires real talk, continued transparency and real action. I want you to know my commitment remains unwavering as I work towards my primary mission to bring financial stability to city operations and to improve the quality of life for our citizens. Without that, our city faces an uncertain future."

Bing said, as he's said before, he does not want and will not support a state-appointed Emergency Manager in the city.

He said city leadership is making progress in pulling Detroit out of financial crisis.

"As you know, I came into office confronted by a deficit of more than $330 million created over decades and sustained by the notion of doing things the way they've always been done in city government. That is unacceptable, and we are working to resolve the city's immediate financial crisis and restore confidence in our ability to remain financially viable," Bing said.

With that in mind, he  made several promises to Detroiters - one being that none of the city's recreations centers will be closed.

The mayor also spoke about a new crackdown on crime in the wake of several incidents involving youngsters in the city.

"Unfortunately, the sad but real fact is that when violence affects the innocent lives of our children and our seniors, it has gone too far. No Detroiter should have to live in fear. I'm outraged by the insidious violence in our neighborhoods and in our city, but Chief Godbee and the police cannot do it alone," Bing said.

"We can no longer tolerate this terrorism in our city, and, tonight I want to thank our dedicated community partners and the various community radio patrol groups. I encourage all Detroiters to join them in protecting our neighborhoods and demanding a better quality of life."

Bing spoke about expanding the city's Virtual Precinct program. He said the Public Safety headquarters that will be housed in the now- vacant MGM building is also on track to open next year. "This will centralize and streamline Detroit Police, Detroit Fire and Homeland Security operation," Bing said.

Other key topics the mayor touched on in his 30 minute speech included improving bus service, fighting blight, improving housing, and upgrading the city's antiquated lighting system.

 - View the complete text of Mayor Dave Bing's speech -

Bing  spoke at the Erma Henderson Auditorium at City Hall. In prior years, the event was held at the Max Fisher Music Center - but it was moved to save money.

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