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Matthew Stafford's Wife Instagrams Message Blasting NFL Refs, Showing League May Fine Him For Cleats

By Christy Strawser

(CBS Detroit) After a referee call that turned the tide of Monday night's game vs. the Seahawks against the Detroit Lions, Glover Quin said it's "Detroit vs. Everybody."

And now Matthew Stafford's wife Kelly Stafford seems to be underscoring the point.

She took a screen shot of a text sent to her by her husband that says the league may fine him for his cleats. (Side note: How does her quarterback 'hubs' feel about her taking screen shots of his texts?)

The Instagram post was quickly removed, but here's a screen shot.

Kelly Stafford on Instagram Ok I m done
(kbstafford89 Instagram screenshot)

She responded, "Tell the league that they can fine u for your cleats if we can fine them for their incompetent refs."

The rule about cleats in the NFL is inside the nine pages of the handbook devoted solely to uniform restrictions.

"Prior to the start of the 2014 season, the NFL increased the fines associated with the league's uniform and equipment policy, in hopes that the players would shy away from committing a violation. Fines that used to have a minimum penalty of $5,250 and a maximum of $15,000 can now carry a maximum payment of $100,000," according to SB Nation.

It's unknown what Stafford's violation could have been or what the fine would be, but the league in its rule book dictates everything from shoelace style and color to tongue styles.

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