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Matthew Stafford's pending playoff return to Detroit sparks debate over support of jersey

Matthew Stafford's pending playoff return to Detroit sparks debate over support of jersey
Matthew Stafford's pending playoff return to Detroit sparks debate over support of jersey 02:59

(CBS DETROIT) - A Detroit bar is banning Matthew Stafford jerseys ahead of the big game. 

Stafford spent 11 years as a Lion. Now, his return on Sunday for the Wild Card game has some excited while others scoff.

"It's my job to create the vibe of the party it's our first home Lions game for playoffs in thirty years. I don't know, do you want to be at the Christmas party with the dude that dressed like the Grinch," said Erik Olson, owner of Thomas Magee's Bar.

Stafford jersey or not? It's a big question happening as the playoffs are days away.

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As Stafford makes his return to the Motor City, some want people to pump the brakes on the Stafford fandom. Thomas Magee's Bar posted online that if fans attempt to enter on gameday with a Stafford Lions jersey, they'd be turned away.

"The actual Stafford and Lions colors kind of represent a not-so-happy era for us on an incredibly happy day for us," Olson said.

Olson believes Stafford would understand his reasoning. Others, like John Yu, owner of Pro Sports Zone, said this season has been a hot one for Lions gear.

"I look at the holiday season. I would say 80% of the sales involved Lions products," Yu, said.

With days until the big game, Yu is expecting a big turnout over the weekend. He knows Stafford's return is a hot topic and expects to sell a few Stafford jerseys.

"We have a few customers call in looking for Matthew Stafford jersey just because he did so much for Detroit – and also without that trade, we might not be in the same spot as we are today," he said.

Kelly Stafford recently responded to a jersey ban post, adding, "Matthew has always been the bigger person and will continue to be that. Praying for an incredible game with zero injuries."

"We want the Lions to win and you want to support Jared Goff, but it's also Stafford brought the city together for many years," Josh Chesney said.

Chesney is a lifelong Lions fan and is also one fan who recently bought a Matthew Stafford jersey.

Both Yu and Chesney agree that everyone should be able to support whoever, that's a part of the game. But, they know only one team can be victorious.

"I think the atmosphere will be too much to handle he's [Stafford] used to everyone cheering for him and this time around it's not going to be anyone cheering for him. It'll probably be boos," Chesney said. 

If the Lions win, it'll be the first time they got a playoff victory since 1991.

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