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Marine Surprises Mom Arriving On Doorstep Months Ahead Of Schedule

WARREN (WWJ) - It was a very special surprise for a Warren mom who hadn't seen her Marine son in months.

Camp Pendleton Marine Brian Priester showed up on the doorstep to surprise his parents Earlyne and Clarence Smith.

Smith had no idea her son was coming home until he showed up at the door -- with a few reporters.

"My son, my son," she said.

Clarence Smith says Priester gave them some trouble when he was little. But now ...

"I just can't say enough about how proud we are of him," he said. "The main reason I'm so proud -- he's a God-fearing child ... and I just love him, and talking to me makes tears come into my eyes -- you shouldn't do this to me, I'm too big and strong for this."

"You know, when I saw the cameras and stuff before I saw him, I said Publishers Clearing House has come by -- but this is way more," laughed Priester's mom.

Better than a big check? "This is way better," said the surprised mom -- who wasn't expecting to see her son for another couple of months.

Why did you do this to your mother? The Marine was asked.

"I always bring an extra bit of joy - or a smile to my momma," said Priester. "I go out of my way to make her a little bit happier, so when I surprised her by coming - it adds a little spice of life -- she's a very special, very strong woman. That's nothing compared to everything she has done for me.

"Usually she'll call me and ask me where I'm at -- and I'll say I'm outside the door -- and so she came out there ..."

Priester's visit was to help promote a list of events for Marine Week, which will land in Detroit for the first time September 6th through the 10th.

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