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Mama Rose Opens Up Her Kitchen at The Jamaican Pot to the CW50 Crew

Southfield (CW50) - To celebrate Caribbean American Heritage Month, the Community Connect crew was invited into the kitchen of The Jamaican Pot and were given the opportunity to experience the creation of some of Detroit's best Caribbean cuisines.

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Mama Rose in the kitchen of The Jamaican Pot

The heart of this kitchen is Mama Rose, owner of The Jamaican Pot, whose family helps run the kitchen around the clock. From uncles to siblings, the kitchen is full of Mama Rose's family, and they share in the love and joy that comes from cooking together, singing together, and working together at a place that celebrates their heritage.

Community Connect Host Lisa Germani with the staff of The Jamaican Pot

Mama Rose took Community Connect Host Lisa Germani through the kitchen to show her the large variety of food they provide at The Jamaican Pot and shared her story of being an at-home cook to leading a popular restaurant in Metro Detroit.

She also shared aspects of her heritage and the importance of food and family in Jamaican culture.

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