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Mackinac Policy Conference: Dan Gilbert Talks Opportunity And Diversity In Detroit

MACKINAC ISLAND (WWJ) - The continuing revival of the city's economy and community a big part of the discussion during the annual Policy Conference on Mackinac Island this week.

Chairman of Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans Dan Gilbert spoke on Wednesday about the energy and his excitement over the growth in Detroit.

"Nothing excites me more than looking out the window, you know, of one of our buildings and just seeing all the people -- you mentioned Campus Martius diversity, if you just take a minute and just sit in the middle of Campus Martius - look up and look around - there may not be a more diverse place in the world - there is everybody from everywhere - all backgrounds -- old, young -- and just enjoying the city and that's a great feeling."

Gilbert told WWJ that there is more than economic opportunity in Detroit.

"You as a young adult coming out of a great university -- where ever it may be," says Gilbert. "You can go to Chicago, you can go to New York, you can go to these places and you'll do well because you are smart -- coming from a good university. You now can get a great job in the kind of thing you are interested in -- or start a business right here in Detroit but what you can't do over there is impact the community and impact the city."

On the theme of regeneration and innovation; General Motors President and CEO Dan Ammann told WWJ he wants to see quick passage of legislation that would clear the way for more self-driving car development in Michigan. [More on innovative transportation]

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