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Lou Whitaker On Jose Iglesias Wearing His #1

By: Jeff Riger

It's safe to say that most Tigers fans like the acquisition of shortstop Jose Iglesias. What he can do with the glove seems second to none and if his hitting comes around, he will have been a true steal and gem in a three way trade with the White Sox and Red Sox.

But there was one thing that might have rubbed Detroit fans the wrong way...

When Iglesias came to Detroit, word came out not too long after that he would wear the number 1, the number that hasn't been worn since second base great Lou Whitaker roamed Tiger stadium back in the day.

People wondered how could a rookie wear a number that should be retired?

Of course the outrage, if there was truly any, fizzled out almost immediately.

But what did Lou think?

Whitaker threw out the first pitch before game 4 of the ALCS on Wednesday night and I had a chance to ask him about Iglesias wearing his number. "Well you know the Tigers want to be number one, you need a number one on the field. He was brave enough to ask for it, he got it. I was a rookie when I had it, he is a rookie so hopefully he can have a great career" Whitaker said.

So did Iglesias ask Whitaker's permission?

"I guess he went in there, saw nobody wearing the number and it was up for grabs" Whitaker said. "That's what he wanted and that's what he got."

Check out the audio clips as Whitaker talks about being snubbed for the Hall of Fame, him and Tram possibly getting a statue at Comerica Park and about the old Tiger Stadium site.

Lou talks about him and Tram possibly getting a statue at Comerica

Lou Whitaker

Lou talks about getting close to the hall of fame

Lou Whitaker

Lou on if he is dissapointed in what Tiger stadium turned into

Lou Whitaker

Lou on Iglesias wearing his number

Lou Whitaker

Lou on if he should be in the Hall-of-Fame

Lou Whitaker

Lou on what he remembers about Prince Fielder

Lou Whitaker

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