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Lost Your Job, These Companies Are Hiring!

Los Angeles, CA (CBS) - With the coronavirus shutting down businesses, people everywhere are losing their jobs. But some companies are hiring and are desperate for workers.

Grocery stores continue to see a rush of customers and many are now looking for help. "If somebody is temporarily out of work, we would like to offer them a job," says Christy Lara, director of public relations for Albertsons grocery stores. Albertsons is just one of the big chains hiring new employees. Kroger recently said it needs 10,000 people. Dollar Tree is taking applications and Walmart plans to add 150,000 positions.

Many convenience stores also have openings. 7-Eleven is looking to add up to 20,000 jobs due to increased business.

Amazon is seeing a surge in online orders and is looking for 100,000 people. The retail giant is also raising the minimum pay to $17 an hour through April.

And Domino's expects to hire some 10,000 people. The company needs delivery drivers and pizza makers now that millions of Americans are ordering in instead of going out.

Smaller businesses need help too. "I started worrying about, you know, how everything was going to play out," says Donna Malone. Malone lost her job at an Indianapolis sports stadium but found work at a food bank that's trying to help those in need. "I'm just blessed to have a job, you know, some don't," she says.

It's not just food and retail companies that are seeking new workers. "We're hiring, we need as many people as we can get during this traumatic time," says Todd Haddock, president of AHI Facility Services. The Dallas-area janitorial business needs workers to help disinfect buildings. "A lot of these people are losing their jobs in the restaurant business and bar business. And we need more people, so it's a way we can help a community," Haddock says.

On Monday, drugstore chain CVS said it was hiring 50,000 employees in the United States to help with the demand during the coronavirus pandemic.

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