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Look Up! Spot Rare 'Double Star' In The Sky Tuesday Night

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) - Something special to see in the night sky: Venus and Jupiter will be so close together Tuesday that they could have the appearance of a "double star."

According to NASA astronomers, the two bright, shining planets have been creeping closer and closer to each other over the past few weeks — making for a pretty spectacular show.

But scientists say it will all culminate with "the main event" on June 30 when the pair will appear to be a mere one-third of a degree apart.  To those down on Earth, it may look like a double planet (or "double star," for those who don't realize what they're seeing).

"You'll want to go out just after sunset," Mike Narlock, Head of Astronomy at Cranbrook Institute of Science told CBS Detroit.

"It'll be very difficult to miss," he added, being that Venus should stand out as one of the brightest objects in the sky.

There's no telescope required, Narlock said, but for those who do have one — or even a pair binoculars — it'll also be a good chance to maybe spot Jupiter's moons, and the rings of Saturn, too.

Just step outside and look to the west. The clearer the sky, the better, Narlock said.

The best time to spot the phenomenon should be shortly after 9 p.m.

ScienceCasts: Amazing Sunset Sky Show by ScienceAtNASA on YouTube

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