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Look Up! Clear Skies Offer Perfect Chance To See Venus, Jupiter In Metro Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) - You couldn't ask for a better night to gaze at the sky.

That's what astronomers are saying Thursday in metro Detroit. Weather conditions are expected to be optimal for viewing the twinkling sky -- clear without a cloud in sight.

The celestial highlight of the night will be Venus and Jupiter on full display in a rare "double star" appearance. The planets have been moving closer to each other for the past month, and actually hit their closest just a few nights ago. But skies were cloudy and many people missed the show.

Thursday night is one for redemption though -- when the planets will appear to be just degrees apart. Venus and Jupiter will be so bright, you'll be able to see them shining through the twilight.

Look to the west just after dark and you won't be able to miss the near-conjunction. Optimal viewing will take place around 10 p.m. but you have to hurry, because the planets will nearly disappear by 11 p.m.

We're also expected to see a bright, full moon that will illuminate the entire sky.

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