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Local Newspaper Joins Others In Banning Use Of Redskins' Team Name

DETROIT (WWJ) - The Detroit News is choosing not to use the Washington Redskins' team name.

In a memo addressed to staffers Wednesday the paper gave alternatives for the team's name.

Other papers around the country are following suit ... including the Seattle Times.

Alicia Nails, a journalism professor at Wayne State University, says others should follow.

"This is a principled stance that The Detroit News has taken - they should be referred to as the 'Washington' football team until they catch up with the rest of sensitive society," said Nails.

"I think as long as we are in a culture where people believe they are exempt from understanding what marginalized communities are saying - then we will always have marginalized communities."

In the same vein, says Nails, the Native American community has said again and again "we find this offensive."

"I think that it is the injured party that has agency to speak about their injury. I can't step on your foot and then tell you that did not hurt - if you saw 'ouch' I need to believe that you are injured."

The paper's decision comes just after a ruling from the Federal Trademark Commission last week, which bars the use of the teams name on merchandising and team logos.

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