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Local Disaster Relief Company Heads To Tornado Damaged Moore, Oklahoma

DETROIT (WWJ) - Providing help for those in Oklahoma. That's the goal of one non-profit from here in metro Detroit.

Greg Martin from Disaster Relief At Work (DRAW) spoke with WWJ about the origins of the relatively new company.

"I quit my job and just felt like I was called to do relief work, there is no other time in the human experience where you go from everyday life to rock-bottom," said Martin. "In a natural disaster everything else is incremental, it's a slow decline, the people of Moore, Oklahoma last night - they were fine and then five minutes later their life was turned upside down."

He's been meeting with local officials in Moore, Oklahoma Tuesday, just hours after the mile-wide tornado hit and will return home to fill five-gallon buckets up with disaster relief items.

"It blows your mind, because there are areas where you drive ... and you think it's not so bad yet ... and then you see where the tornado ... where the path went through and how just the simplest thing ... just a fence post is complete demolished, not kind of knocked over, it's destroyed. Homes are just piles of rubble at this point," Martin said.

Find out more about DRAW on their Facebook page - here. and at

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