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Local Detroiter Changing the Way We Use Social Media with New Platform Inpathy

Southfield (CW50) - Plenty of people use social media in our world. It's something that many people dedicate their free time to, grow their businesses, build relationships, and even share their lives with others on various platforms. That last part is what sticks with a lot of people though. How much do we really know about someone through their social pages? Most content that people share on these platforms are the highlights and positive parts of their lives, so is anyone really being transparent about who they are?

Well, now there's a platform that focuses on transparency. Inpathy, a new social media platform developed by Detroiter Ziarekenya Smith, is a platform that he created to counter the inauthenticity of what people share online. Inpathy is reinventing social media that inspires transparency, normalizes moods, and recreates the human experience without being shamed or becoming the target of online trolls.

Some of the key features of Inpathy are the way stories are told, solely through audio and video, no text-based posts. Good stories, bad stories, all are welcome to be shared to express how you're truly feeling. Another feature is the ability to select a mood to attached to your post, so everyone can know the tine of the video or audio you're sharing. People make connections through communicating with other, not simply clicking a "follow" button. A highly anticipated feature is the app's zero-tolerance policy, which involves banning all violators of any rule on the platform.

The most unique and interesting feature on the app is the daily check-ins. Inpathy will check in with you each day to share the kind of mood you're in, which will then shape the kind of experience you will have on the app that day.

Community Connect Host Lisa Germani, with Zairekenya Smith, Founder of Inpathy

Ziarekenya Smith, Founder of Inpathy, joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to talk about his new app and how it is different from the social platforms we use today.

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