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Local Communities Organize Student Walkouts To Rally Against Gun Violence

(CBS DETROIT) -- Parents are holding their kids tighter, and the community is wrapping their arms around each other.

The outpouring of support follows the tragic shooting of 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas.

Back home in Michigan, Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, reflecting on the Oxford High School shooting, is calling on others to speak out against terroristic threats.

"I've studied active shooters across the world for well over two decades and almost every one of those situations had been telegraphed by some information that someone saw or knew about and didn't share it in a broad enough circle or way," Bouchard said.

"If there was a threat, even if it's not credible -- and by credible I mean maybe they don't have the ability to carry out -- still making a threat is a crime and we will prosecute each and every one of those."

It's a pain that Oxford students know all too well, organizing a walk-out Thursday and standing in solidarity with grieving hearts.

The Michigan chapter for Students Demand Action For Gun Sense In America, also hosted 21-minute walk-outs to honor the 21 lives lost.

End Gun Violence Michigan is organizing the Silence the Violence March on June 4 in Detroit to push for Common Sense gun laws in the state.

"At Church of the Messiah on the east side of Detroit, we need thousands of people in the streets marching, to demand an end to gun violence and our legislators, they better be listening," said Ryan Bates of End Gun Violence Michigan."

"If they won't pass laws to protect our families, new will take it to the ballot and pass them ourselves."

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