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Local Band Invites Andrew WK to "Party" - and He Accepts!

Detroit musicians Flint Eastwood recently challenged Andrew WK to come "party" with them, and with the help of fans (and social media), Andrew WK got the message - and accepted!

Flint Eastwood and Andrew WK are both on the bill for BLED FEST - an all ages music festival happening May 25th in Howell. They've never met or crossed paths, so BLED FEST would be the first time they'd potentially come in contact with each other. Flint Eastwood decided to take the chance out of the equation, and devised the "Andrew WK BLED FEST Party Challenge" to get Andrew WK's attention.

Last week, CW50 chatted with Jax, Flint Eastwood's lead vocalist and all around crowd-pleaser, and she filled us in about how the "Andrew WK BLED FEST Party Challenge" came about.

When she's not rocking on stage, Jax works as a videographer and loves video projects and producing creative. She said of Andrew WK, "He's inspired us. He tells people to seize the moment."

They toyed with the idea of creating a social media campaign to get Andrew WK's attention. Finally, they decided to go for it. "We're doing this. Done deal. This is happening," Jax said.

We asked Jax to tell us a bit more about Andrew WK...and where this idea came from. Andrew WK "promotes 'positive partying,'" she told us. "He does some inspirational speaking as well - encouraging people to make a positive difference in the world, and that's part of why we're so attracted to him. None of us do drugs or really drink. We like to party in the sense that we like to have a good time and just live life to the fullest. We just want him to come have a positive party atmosphere with us during our performance."

Now that we had the "why," it was time to learn about the "how."

All it took was one Saturday night - a quick turnaround to shoot and edit a video...but all that was worth it if their wish came true and Andrew WK came to party with them. Take a look at their video for the "Andrew WK BLED FEST Challenge" here:

Fun, right?

"Our studio actually has a gym attached to it - and we shot the video at the basketball courts that are near our studio," Jax said. They sent the video out the following Monday morning and were hoping it would quickly go viral.

"We're just asking people that support our music and the people that support what we do - the Flint family - to spread the word. Every post helps - there's strength in numbers and the more we get, the higher the chance he'll actually show up," Jax explained.

Flint Eastwood & Andrew WK...and it worked. On the first day, they received over 100 tweets in support, and by the afternoon on Day 2, Andrew WK tweeted Flint Eastwood, accepting their gracious party invitation. VICTORY.

And what's in store for Andrew WK when he comes to party with Flint Eastwood on the 25th?

"There's a pizza and a bolo tie waiting for him - because we love bolo ties. We've got some tricks up our sleeves."

One final question for Jax...what does she think about the current state of Detroit music?

"I'm very excited about where Detroit music is giong. For a long time, it's been a city that's been very comfortable just in Detroit. From my personal experience, Detroit is taking a very exciting turn. There are a lot of bands coming out that are inviting people to come out and to dance and enjoy themselves. Everyone is encouraging people to engage in shows rather than just to stand there. I'm very excited about that and to see where that's going."

We're excited, too, Jax.

See Flint Eastwood this Saturday, May 25th at BLED FEST in Howell, and find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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