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Leyland: This Is What You Try To Get To

DETROIT (WWJ) - So the Tigers won the pennant -- and what did they do next? They're getting ready for Game 1 of the World Series with a couple of games against their instructional league Sunday and Monday.

"This is what you try to get to. This is the pinnacle, I mean this is the Super Bowl, you know, it's the Stanley Cup finals," Manager Jim Leyland said. "It's the NBA championship ... that's what it is, so I mean ... we're one of two, that's pretty good. Hopefully we'll be the last one standing, but we've made it to the championship fight."

Leyland says the fan reaction to him has been great, that he's a little embarrassed, but he hasn't had to pay for a meal since the Tigers captured the ALCS title.

"I don't usually go out in those celebrations, but they got me, you know and I was freezing, so I jumped up and while he was, as Phil Coke would do, kept dousing the thing while as he poured the bottle down , I jumped up. Well, he hit my bald spot in the back , split my head open , but fortunately it was just this big scab. It didn't slice it open. I didn't need stitches or anything and you know, after a couple more vodkas and cranberries, I didn't feel anything," he said, laughing.

Leyland says the reaction of Tigers fans has been great and that he hasn't had to pay for a meal since the Tigers clinched the American League Championship Series over the Yankees.

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